Burnside Album Details

Derby, Posters Fade

The highly anticipated follow-up to the critically-acclaimed This is the New You (2005), Derby's Posters Fade is an absolute masterpiece. The album was recorded in Portland, OR at the band's own Secret Ships Studio. In an age when the art of the album has been lost, Derby has created not just a cohesive collection of music, but an album that plays like a song. Posters Fade was created as a seamless entity with one song rolling into another, chaos converting into a single voice, and notes that trail off into an entirely new song. It was written as a whole, with an intro and outro, highs and lows, anticipation, and dynamics so intense it is guaranteed to please. With meticulous precision and complete disregard for convention, Derby created something undeniably captivating. Stacked full of beautiful harmonies, crunchy guitars, pounding drums and hand-claps galore, Posters Fade will become an instant classic.

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