Burnside Album Details

Derby, Madeline EP

Anyone who’s caught a live Derby show knows the raw and infectious emotion the boys are known to dish out. The band approached the Madeline recordings with an increased degree of spontaneity and impulse. This act-first-think-about-it-later attitude gave Derby a new-found freedom in recording music, resulting in a fresh, new sound for the band. With Frontman Nat Johnson’s cutting and over-driven guitar tones providing an electrifying punch to the gut on tracks Don’t Believe in You and Creeping Crawling in addition to Dave Guilick's tender serenade on One’s A Lonely One, Madeline showcases a more lively and invigorated Derby. This EP also includes the bonus track "If Ever There's A Reason" which was featured in a national commercial for the 2011 Ford Explorer.

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