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Martin, Jeffrey, Dogs in the Daylight

Jeffrey Martin's music has been compared to songwriters like Josh Ritter and Joe Pug. "I'm a writer more than I am a musician. If I could play guitar half as well as I can write I'd be wearing nicer pants." He writes songs that push the listener into a new space; one where you might be torn between forging ahead to the next track or processing what you've just heard. Dogs in the Daylight is an ambitious 15 track collection that is full of weight and intricacy. While the new album is bigger than his previous albums, complete with piano, bass, fiddle, drums, and even trumpet, the songs are still largely carried by Jeffrey's voice and the sincerity of this songwriting - the very qualities that separate him from his peers. "He's an incredibly rare find among today's glut of singer-songwriters: a songwriter whose songs are immediately affecting. These are the kind of songs that can change you." - Devon Leger, No Depression

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