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Feinstein, Kenny, Loveless; Hurts To Love CD

Kenny Feinstein's debut solo album, Loveless: Hurts To Love, is a meticulously crafted tribute to My Bloody Valentine's Loveless. The record, which contains all eleven tracks from the My Bloody Valentine classic, plus the track "Swallow" from their 1991 Tremolo EP, finds Feinstein paying homage to his favorite record, while not just covering it, but re-creating it with acoustic guitar, mandolin, dobro, strings, and dulcimer. The record is more than just a cover, it is another planet all together. With the help of guests, including Richard Buckner, Feinstein strips each track down to it's bare essentials, revealing the structure and beauty that exists beneath the swirling layers of this classic record. The Vinyl package is two 12” 45s.

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