Burnside Album Details

Corrado, Kelli Frances, Shepherdess

Kelli Frances Corrado is a gothy folktronica singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and occasional artist. Coupling bittersweet, ethereal vocals with grandiose violins, cellos and harpsichord, and underscored by a sinister metronome of pulsing drums and loops, her tracks are dark, atmospheric and enchanting. Her innovative arrangements were recorded in an assortment of weird and wonderful places, including a seaplane port, church, boat house, and warehouse with six-second reverb. Influenced by a nomadic history as a tap dancer, military-wife, social worker, and teacher, there are a slew of musicians, engineers, and producers contributing, including Grant Olson of Gold Leaves; Brian Deck, producer for Iron and Wine and Califone; Jeffery Mcnulty, engineer/producer for Bat Country; Samuel Yoder and Michael Sauder of Geist and the Sacred Ensemble. The CD is presented with limited-edition handmade packaging by the artist.