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Markus James, Timbuktoubab

Filmed in the sand dunes and sand streets of the ancient city of Timbuktu, Mali, TIMBUKTOUBAB is an extraordinary music documentary about the ongoing cross-cultural collaboration between Blues-influenced songwriter Markus James and three Malian musicians whose traditions represent the ultimate source of the music that evolved into The Blues. The film is a sun-drenched, impressionistic document of these musicians living and creating together, leading up to their first public performance for the people of Timbuktu. The Sonrai musicians describe aspects of their musical traditions; the group travels to the village of Niafounke, to visit legendary guitarist Ali Farka Toure; and throughout, there is the strong and charismatic presence of the children of the region. "Timbuktoubab" is that rare film in which a Westerner ventures into another culture and actually illuminates it...Beautifully filmed, richly narrated, and genuinely moving" --Banning Eyre (NPR, Afropop Worldwide), author of "In Griot Time"