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ECID, 'How To Fake Your Own Death' LP

It may seem unimaginable now, but there was a time when veteran Minneapolis-bred, Brooklyn-based hip-hop artist Ecid was unsure if anyone would want to listen to his musical creations. “I didn’t really think there was gonna be much of an audience for the quirky, abstract songs I was making,” he recalls. But five solo LPs, two EPs and countless collaborative efforts later, he’s not only found an audience, but he’s found one that’s filled with both hip-hop purists and fans of the avant-garde. Ecid’s latest project is an album strongly influenced by loss and unexpected change. Touching on a range of subjects from self-sabotage to climate change deniers to death represented as an abusive ex-girlfriend, at its heart it’s still ultimately positive and reflective. This LP is pressed on Pure White Vinyl.

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