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ECID, Post Euphoria Vol. 1 & 2 LP

Amidst the chaos of artistic evolution, Post Euphoria 1 & 2 exploit the best parts of ECID's signature sound while preparing us for the upcoming full-length Pheromone Heavy. After spending the first half of the year training to be a yoga instructor ECID bought a MOOG, stopped quantizing and found a way to make songs with a more human approach. Minimalistic drums and urgent melodies give his percussive vocals and no-fuck’s-given personality room to breathe. “Communication Abuse”, a snarky response to society’s infatuation with their phones and themselves, continues ECID’s agenda to challenge the “pack” mentality. ECID lives and dies by the dream and Post Euphoria 2 is what happens when you finally catch that elusive carrot.

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