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ECID, Werewolf Hologram CD

Ecid is a kamikaze visionary: an artist with an all-or-nothing approach to every aspect of his art and life. Ambitious almost to a fault with an us—against-them DIY mentality, Ecid has self-booked, self-released, and self-made his own movement. A Minneapolis native and a participant in the Twin Cities hip hop scene since 2003, all three of Ecid’s most recent releases have charted on the CMJ Hip Hop Top 40 chart. Collaborating with the likes of Eyedea, Awol One, and Kristoff Krane along the way, his smashing new album, Werewolf Hologram, is destined to make even bigger waves. Ecid pushes the limits of sampling; it’s not so much what he samples, it’s what he does with every note. Pitch shifting and chopping every sample to the point of no return, slapping together psych-rock vocal chops with 808 booms and hand claps, then adding more layers of drum breaks, and echo heavy guitars. Inspired by the duality in humanity, Werewolf Hologram tackles heavy thought provoking topics that really dig into your head with hooks that explode: layer upon layer of melodies evoking color and nostalgia.

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