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Blake, Sexton, Plays The Hits!

Josh Hodges is Sexton Blake. He came out of nowhere two years ago with the brilliant self-titled debut “Sexton Blake.” That album was a critical success, garnering Sexton Blake numerous comparisons to Elliott Smith and Pinback, among others. Copper Press called it “a fantastic debut from this young, inspired multi-instrumentalist,” imploring readers to “track it down any way you can.” Plays The Hits! Takes Sexton Blake’s singular sound into new territories. Josh Hodges has carefully chosen thirteen songs from the 70s, 80s and 90s and skillfully made them uniquely “Sexton Blake.” Josh spent hundreds of hours listening to hundreds of songs, trying to come up with the perfect collection - songs that Josh thought Sexton Blake could breathe new life into. Some, like “Bette Davis Eyes”, “Evil Woman”, “Hungry Heart”, “Young Turks” and “Daniel”, are classics. With others, like “I Need Love”, “Girl You Know It’s True”, and “Rush Rush”, Sexton Blake takes songs from different genres and sounds and transforms them into great works of indie pop. Every single song is great. One thing is for sure, Plays The Hits! will become a must-have for every fan of intelligent covers and great indie pop.