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Exquisite Rap Duo, 9 Mile (We Go The Extra Mile)

The Exquisite Rap Duo, are to hip hop what Abraham Lincoln is to hip hop: living legends. But don’t take our word for it. Expunged Records’ president, Anthony McNamer, has this to say: “This is, by far, the greatest hip hop album Expunged Records has ever released.” High praise, indeed. But not surprising because the Exquisite Rap Duo are exactly what their name implies: exquisite. In fact, the Exquisite Rap Duo are Exquisite and MC Rap. Straight outta Portland, the Exquisite Rap Duo combine dope beats and old school delivery with what will likely be hailed as the wittiest lyrics of all time. The hip hop world has literally never seen anything like the Exquisite Rap Duo, and that’s not just because they’re bookish white guys. They have been compared to the Beastie Boys and the Cool Kids, and more recently, Lonely Island. They frequently are described as a hip hop version of Tenacious D. But this is not novelty rap. This is seriously good rap that happens to be absolutely hilarious. These guys will get your head bobbing while they make you laugh so hard you wet yourself. Who else has ever been able to pull off that one-two punch?