Burnside Album Details

Cold Blood, Transfusion

Time has been very good to Lydia Pense. Thirty years passed since her amazing voice graced a new collection of songs. Transfusion proved that those decades were well spent with outstanding new songs and a hot, funky Cold Blood. Lydia came back and it is clear that when it comes to East Bay, urban R&B she still has no peer. Not many acts have figured out how to blend horns, guitar, rock, soul and fire a mix that came naturally to Cold Blood since they jumped into the East Bay Grease fire back in the late 60’s. With a record that draws from that magic era yet fits squarely in the twenty-first century. Lydia and Cold Blood celebrated the creation of Transfusion by inviting a bevy of their most talented friends and fellow musicians including Tower Of Power alumni including Mic Gillette and the familiar soulful sound of TOP lead singer Lenny Williams in a smoking duet with Lydia. Rounding out this stellar cast of stars are original Cold Blood members, Skip Mesquite and Raul Matute. If that weren’t enough, Lydia Pense and her band blow new life into the Cold Blood classic “Down To The Bone” with help from Michelle Shocked.

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