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Lytle, Jason/Sea of Bees, Won't Be Long/Get Up And Go 7" Vinyl

Jason Lytle (Grandaddy) and Sea Of Bees took turns covering one another's songs for a limited 7" release. "I fell in love with this song a few years ago. I really think Jules captured a real special feel with her recording of it. I just wanted to see if my own version of it could come anywhere near hers in capturing that same sort of feel. Of course it's naturally different, but it was a joy trying."-Jason Lytle on "Won't Be Long". "The first time I heard this song, I felt fitted with it. I related to it at this time of my life, the song was like a sweet reminder. There aren't many songs like this one, it's a simple message, a not easy to do message. I enjoyed the time spent with it. It really was an honor to give this song a go!"-Jules Bees on "Get Up and Go".