Burnside Album Details

Clock Hands Strangle, Distaccati

"Clock Hands Strangle follows-up their 2007 debut, Redshift/Blueshift (Team Grizzly) with Distaccati; an evolution of their Bob Dylan/Joni Mitchell-inspired indie folk-rock, which the Portland Phoenix recently declared as ""literary but rollicking (in an alt-country Modest Mouse sense)."" Distaccati was mixed by legendary producer Geza X (Dead Kennedys, Meredith Brooks) at Satellite Park Studios. Singer/songwriter, Todd Portnowitz, incapable of penning lyrics without poetic introspection and philosophical flourish, makes each verse a proposition, each line a reflection. With Distaccati, Clock Hands Strangle takes their listener on a pilgrimage from an arid desert to the concrete miasma of New York City to an Alabama cotton field; to a place where the moon gripes of its eternal loneliness and stone questions its sculptor. Rich with sentiment and beguiling cadence, Distaccati never consciously attempts to be anything more than the sum of its 11 tracks.