Burnside Album Details

Huge Spacebird, Three

Second album by Seattle's modern classics. Six years in the making, these boys don't know quickly, but they do know quality. They haven't lost anything in the last years, haven't abandoned their rock, nor changed their work ethic. It's frightfully groovy rockers and kickin' back back-kickers, sequenced for you for maximum peakage and enjoyment. A really great record. The new record sounds like a cross between Deep Purple and The Association. The bands of the Pacific Northwest have always meant something more. From the Sonics and the Wailers in the 60's through Hendrix, Heart, Queensryche, Green River, Nirvana, Huge Spacebird, Death Cab For Cutie and into the future, our bands kick the ass of any other town's bands. – KEXP FM Audioasis host Abe Beeson (KEXP.org) Huge Spacebird is more than the name it represents. They literally are the embodiment of rock itself. Huge guitars, drums, and vocals all collide with an energy that hasn’t been seen in the northwest in years. The songs are cast from the same mold of early seventies rock superheroes, yet also incorporate a modern sound along side. Blues and rock both mix well in this Seattle trio. Anyone wishing to revisit the space jams and grooves of the good old days should be interested in Huge Spacebird. The band should not be missed. –Nexus Underground