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Pharmakon MTL, To Call Out In The Night

"Pharmakon MTL is a Montreal based electronic/trance collective of visual artists, poets and musicians. It's music that takes you on a journey, and its closest analogue might be magic mushrooms or mescal buttons - substances humans use for exploration and cathartic release. The ingredients used are endlessly melodic arpeggios by electric guitarist Kris Mah, percussion and kinetic tension by long-time collaborator and drummer Doug Stein; whispered and spoken narrative and verse vocals by poet/musician Ian Ferrier; sung improv female vocals by Metis poet and singer Moe Clark. Add bass, soundscape and mix by Jon Stein and the vocals of Valerie Khayat and you have the collective. Cinematic trance electronic downtempo beats make this the soundtrack to a David Lynch movie waiting to happen. This is an ENHANCED CD with bonus video content.