Burnside Album Details

Skinjobs, Burn Your Rainbow

"Originally released in 2003 and previously distributed in the USA by Agitprop and Spitshine; this is the original Canadian pressing, now available again. This is hard rockin queer punk. With Kim Kinakin (ex Sparkmarker) on guitar and Laura Schultz (ex-Queezy) on drums and bassist Mimi Mahovlich, the Skinjobs focused on melodic pop-rock sensibilities within the genre of the punk and alternative worlds while targeting the un-tapped and ever-supportive queer communities. Produced and engineered by Blair Calibaba (Sum 41, Gob, By A Thread). "Now this is what I call a punk record!!! Skinjobs are a trio of queer punks ..... playing a style that reminds me of early Coffin Break.." Maximum Rock'N'Roll