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Cinderpop, Their Skies Are Beautiful

Orchestral vocal pop best described as The Left Banke meet The Zombies; Cinderpop offer their second album, Their Skies Are Beautiful, a seductive and addictive melodic tour de force. Based in Vancouver, Cinderpop have been haunting the indie pop scene on the west coast since their first album, Violet Gamma Rays, charted across alternative and college radio throughout Canada and the US making their presence known as one of Canada’s more inventive rock acts. Cinderpop boast an eclectic round up of musicians from various backgrounds who have found the right mutual influences to create a singular eclectic vision. The album was recorded and mixed by Mark Jowett (best known as one of the architects of the early Nettwerk sound). Mastering was by Greg Reely (Delerium, Sarah McLachlan). Part of a very vibrant Vancouver pop scene that includes The New Pornographers, Cinderpop may very well be the next Vancouver band to emerge internationally