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Maeve Gilchrist, 20 Chandler Street

Thanks to a few centuries of stereotyping, most people think that the harp is an ethereal instrument best strummed by winged angels atop fluffy clouds. But, in the hands of Maeve Gilchrist, the harp is anything but delicate background music. With 20 Chandler Street, she proves just what a driving force the harp can be in its own right and within a band. The album is a loving tribute to the Boston progressive acoustic roots music scene where Gilchrist spent some of the most formative years of her life. Honing her skills at the legendary venue Club Passim, the de facto headquarters of the local scene, she fell in love with jazz and improvisation at the prestigious Berklee College of Music. Produced by guitarist Roger Tallroth (of Swedish acoustic trio, Väsen), Gilchrist cut nearly the entire album live with a core band that included Tallroth, fiddler Duncan Wickel, and bass player Aidan O’Donnell along with fiddle virtuoso Darol Anger who guests on several tunes. 20 Chandler Street draws listeners into vibrant new landscapes and soundscapes, using melody, harmony, and texture to create their own narratives as vividly as any storyteller.