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Marshall's, Mike Big Trio, Mike Marshall's Big Trio

After thirty years of performing and recording, I have had the opportunity to play with some of the finest acoustic musicians in the world – musicians from a variety of styles who have shown the way for future generations of players and even gone on to create compete genres all their own. I place Alex Hargreaves and Paul Kowert on the same shelf with this elite group. These are not just young people. These are old souls with unique voices and complete command of their instruments who are able to swing hard in a variety of musical genres with grace and authenticity, power and beauty. It has not been without continuous amazement and joy that I have been able to play with these two guys and create this music together. Their depth of musical understanding, breadth of creativity and expression and just plain instrumental ‘chops’ was never short of astounding. If THIS is what the next generation of string musicians is going to be doing, then I’m riding with them.–– Mike Marshall