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Albuquerque, Jorge & Marcos Amorin, Revolving Landscapes

Revolving Landscapes is Rio-based guitar master Marcos Amorim’s third release for Adventure Music, and his first for the label with a new trio that features drummer Rafael Barata, who has recorded with such legendary Brazilian artists as Rosa Passos, Edu Lobo, Ivan Lins, and Mario Adnet, and bassist Jorge Albuquerque, who has worked with Nestor Torres, Leo Gandelman and Antonio Adolfo. While always true to the Brazilian influences that formed his fluid and elegant style, Amorim has received critical acclaim for his distinctive sound that is at once timeless and contemporary. On Revolving Landscapes, he, Barata and Albuquerque have fused their individual, impressive abilities to craft a sensuous and intimate set of songs that are sure to satisfy fans of Amorim’s two previous Adventure Music releases, Cris on the Farm and Sete Capelas, which were lauded as “playful and imaginative” (Popmatters.com) and a “revelatory Brazilian release” (Jazz Times.) “This trio can very well be the premier of its kind.” Javier Quiñones – Jazz Times, April 2004 “Amorim is a gifted composer and guitarist who has drawn from his Brazilian roots and extrapolated from them his own unique sound which forges fluidly into the 21st century.” Alan Fark - Minor Seventh