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Adnet, Mario, More Jobim Jazz

The second volume of guitarist Mario Adnet’s tribute to the music of the legendary Antonio Carlos Jobim continues to explore the jazz soul of Brazilian music with the same knack for innovative arrangement that resulted in such accolades for that 2007 release as “...this CD has all the elements of a winner. Adnet captures in it the true spirit of the Bossa Nova movement.” (Latin Jazz Network). Throughout the CD’s thirteen selections, Adnet again emphasizes brass arrangements, often including the contributions of the renowned Brazilian trombone player Vittor Santos, as well as a variety of trumpeters, flutists, tenor, alto and baritone saxophonists, and even French horn players to enhance the work of a central jazz ensemble. It was while recording More Jobim Jazz that Adnet fully grasped the profound influence that GerryMulligan’s 1953 recording, Tentet and Quartet, also had on Jobim – an influence which is also clearly evident on this brilliant homage.

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