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Holter, Darryl, Darryl Holter

In his first album, Darryl Holter serves up an intriguing musical stew of original songs. Spiced with country sounds, folk feelings, and blues undercurrents, this CD draws upon genuine experiences of life, love and the pursuit of intelligent music to create thirteen songs with Dylan-esque lyrics, Wilco-like arrangements, and intriguing musical blends that bring to mind Springsteen, Gram Parsons, and early Johnny Cash. His lyrics can be read as poems and the songs are built around Holter’s arresting vocals, including country-tinged narratives, insightful ballads, ironic pop sounds, and straight-ahead rock. The album features some of the most talented names in contemporary music, including electric guitar guru, Nels Cline, percussionist Nate Wood, and pedal and lap steel master, Greg Leisz. It was recorded at Capitol Records in Hollywood. Arrangements by producer Ben Wendel give the album a deeply layered sense of timeliness and virtuosity. By taking Holter’s songs of love and life, hope and despair, and pushing them forward in a variety of musical directions, Wendel has produced an album and introduced an artist that will be listened to and talked about.

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